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Trading group "AStarte Group" is always open for cooperation.
Trading group "AStarte Group" is always open for cooperation.
Your business wholesale trade with Ukraine together with AStarte Group.
Our trade AStarte Group will help you organize a business - wholesale trade - with Ukrainian manufacturers.
Waiting for the beginning you need to get to know us and make a positive decision for cooperation.
You can also use our time to search for any interesting goods in Ukraine for your business in your country.
Reliable resellers in Ukraine - AStarte Group
Your Business with Ukraine AStarte Group
We invite to cooperation of domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors of agricultural products.

Wholesale sales of finished products are carried out both by bank transfer and for cash to enterprises, organizations of the Kharkiv region and other regions of Ukraine.

The management of the enterprise determines the following directions in the development of the production and commercial activity of the enterprise:

Increased production with maximum exploitation of bakery equipment by expanding the range of finished products;
maximum utilization of the production capacity for the processing of agricultural raw materials to increase the production of high and first grade flour by increasing the additional volumes of raw materials by entering into long-term contracts with enterprises producing agricultural products.

To achieve these goals, the company makes intensive investments of its own funds in the development of the production base. A marketing study of the market is carried out to determine its potential volume for specific types of goods, demand, competitive conditions, and sales mechanisms.
Accreditation (re-accreditation) of enterprises at customs
Accreditation is registration in the customs body of a subject of foreign economic activity (FEA).
All enterprises that conduct foreign economic activity, regardless of the type of activity, are required to register with the customs authority.
List of services: accreditation, re-accreditation, accreditation in the quarantine service.
Registration of goods in Ukraine in the "import" mode
Import clearance (customs clearance of goods, products) —transition of customs formalities upon import.
The list of services: customs clearance in the import mode, coordination with the customs cost control department, obtaining an opinion in the nomenclature department, coordination with the verification department, coordination with the smuggling department, conducting a preliminary inspection, organizing and conducting sampling, clearance of goods on weekends and holidays ( by agreement).
Registration of permits
Enumeration of services: SES design, phyto control, radiological, environmental services, registration of certificates of origin (ST-1), drawing up conclusions of the Chamber of Commerce of a commodity code, drawing up reports on the cost of goods of expert organizations, drawing up SES opinions, preparing letters and opinions of metrology, processing Conclusions of the Gemmological Center, execution of export control experts' conclusions, registration of the permit of the Security Service of Ukraine, execution of a permit from the Ukrainian National Supervision Authority, registration of phyto certificates, registration KR (import quarantine permission).
Drawing up contracts, invoices, specifications, packing lists, filling out CMR and TIR
Enumeration of services: drawing up a foreign economic contract, filling in СМR, TIR for export, drawing up invoices, preliminary calculation of customs payments, consultations on issues of foreign economic activity, customs legislation, consultations with departure to the customer, preliminary determination of the product code UKTZED.
Export customs clearance
Export clearance (customs clearance of goods, products) - the passage of customs formalities for export.
Enumeration of the services: customs clearance in the regime of export, the formulation of the certificate of transportation EUR-1, the formulation of load on weekends and holidays (as agreed).
In Ukraine, there are many options for your wholesale business.
See what you need and contact us for advice.
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