Metal to buy wholesale in Ukraine

Black metal to buy in Ukraine AStarte Group
Black metal to buy in Ukraine AStarte Group
Black metal to buy in Ukraine AStarte Group
Black metal to buy wholesale in Ukraine
Metal rolling production of Ukraine in assortment:
- Fittings
Armature - rolled steel of round section, hot-rolled steel reinforcement is used in construction for the installation of reinforced concrete structures.
This material is widely used in various types of construction. The purpose of use determines the characteristics of the beam: steel grade, standard and others.
- Wire rod
Rods - refers to one of the types of round steel products, which are made using carbon steel of ordinary quality.
- Square
A square is a solid metal profile with an equilateral quadrilateral section that does not have an internal hollow space.
- A circle
The circle is a type of rolled metal, which is a metal solid rod with a round cross-section. For its manufacture using various grades of quality steel.
- Hot-rolled sheet
Hot-rolled steel sheet is a product of a flat shape, the thickness of which is many times smaller than its length and width. This type of metal is produced by hot rolling.
- PVL sheet
Perforated exhaust sheet - all-metal product from steel sheet, obtained by the method of simultaneous punching and drawing.
- Corrugated sheet
General purpose corrugated steel sheet with one-sided corrugation, made of carbon steel of ordinary quality grades.
- Cold-smoked leaf
Cold-rolled metal sheet is a steel product that is produced by cold rolling the workpiece. Such a sheet is characterized by high surface quality and dimensional accuracy.
- Strip
Steel strip is a type of flat rolled metal, which has a rectangular shape in cross section.
- Wire
Knitting wire - metal in the form of a thin rod with a smooth, smooth surface, is made of low carbon structural steel.
- Rolls
Rolls - sheet steel used for the manufacture of pipes and sheets. According to the method of production, the rolls are subdivided into hot rolled and cold rolled.
- Steel pipes - one of the most common types of metal. They have found wide applications in the housing and utilities sector, in mining and construction.
- Profile pipes
Profile pipes are square and rectangular pipes that are made of carbon and low alloy steel.
- Corner
The steel corner is a category of high-quality rolled metal, represents a profile of "G" -shaped look, and is classified by a production method and a type of section.
- Channel
The channel - shaped black metal rolling, is made of steel by method of hot or cold rolling. Widely used in construction to create a frame of buildings.
- Hexahedron
A hexagon is a lengthy rolled metal product that has a regular hexagon in cross section.
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